• "This motherfu**er is a homerun!"

    -- Brandon Christopher, author of The Job Pirate

Welcome to the bar room brawl of American culture.

Every day there are tons of actual bullshit (literally, I’m serious) dumped on the American public. Are we going to take it? Well, probably, yes. But somebody has to pick up the stinkiest handfuls and throw it back in their faces. And that someone is me.

I make it my job to seek out and skewer they rampant and rank hypocrisy all around us. I do it for the laughs. I do it for the truth. I do it because… well, somebody’s got to.

Come join the brawl and let’s f**k some s**t up…

Fix Sh*t and Hug Someone

June 14, 2016

It looks as though this most recent tragedy to befall our nation, the anti-gay radical Islamic terror attack in Orlando, could be heading in the direction of our other recent mass-shootings. People are assuming their ‘internet personalities’ that they often allow to take over, and shouting over each other on social media to let people […]