Hubris Falls Trailer

Baseball Dads Trailer

  • "Hubris Falls is a hilarious, poignant, comedic adventure that pulls no punches. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wild ride story that makes you laugh, cry, and reflect."

    -- J.T. Lundy, Author of Happy Utopia Day, Joe McCarthy and Saving Grapes

  • “Baseball Dads was like an upper class version of the Sons of Anarchy as seen through the eyes of someone channeling the best of Carl Hiaasen, and I devoured every profane word.”

    -- Adam Heath Avitable, Professional Comedian and Speaker, Author, Interviews with Dead Celebrities

  • “Sex, drugs, blackmail, and little-league baseball. Matthew S. Hiley takes readers on a dark, twisted and hilarious journey into the perilous world of parenting with Baseball Dads. This motherfu**er is a homerun!”

    -- Brandon Christopher, author of The Job Pirate

  • “From Casey at the Bat to the Bad News Bears and Bull Durham, there's a long tradition of baseball, humor and telling insight into the psyches and psychoses that fuel what many of us still consider the national pastime. With laughs and diamond-sharp observation on every page, Matthew Hiley's Baseball Dads is a worthy addition to the short list of great baseball tales.”

    -- Chuck Thompson, author of Better Off Without ’Em: A Northern Manifesto for Southern Secession

  • "Baseball Dads is a story any parent who has survived little league baseball will find insightful and cathartic. Not to mention funny.”

    -- Boyd Taylor, author of The Hero of San Jacinto

  • "Matthew Hiley throws subtlety to the wind with a look at American politics that is visceral, darkly funny, and a twisted condemnation of everything that's wrong with our current system. It may be fiction, but it feels more like Hiley is a time traveler, venturing from the not-so-far future to warn us about where our society is headed. Satire is best when we see a reflection of ourselves, and this book is a terrifying, magical mirror."

    -- Adam Heath Avitable, Professional Comedian and Speaker, Author, Interviews with Dead Celebrities

  • "If Terry Southern and Hunter Thompson had a child, he might well write like Matthew S. Hiley. Wickedly smart and darkly hilarious, The Candidates is a Primary Colors for the Reality TV generation."

    -- Robert Schnakenberg, author of Crazy Sh*t Presidents Said

  • "Take a wild ride with two of the nastiest presidential hopefuls along the craziest campaign trail in history with Matthew Hiley’s The Candidates. Packed with clever dialogue, murder, drugs, humor, revenge and a midget hitman, The Candidates will undoubtedly earn its rightful spot on your bookshelf between Hunter S. Thompson and Gore Vidal."

    -- Brandon Christopher, author of The Job Pirate