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Fix Sh*t and Hug Someone

It looks as though this most recent tragedy to befall our nation, the anti-gay radical Islamic terror attack in Orlando, could be heading in the direction of our other recent mass-shootings. People are assuming their ‘internet personalities’ that they often allow to take over, and shouting over each other on social media to let people […]

It Should Matter

I’ve been having a really effing difficult time with this election cycle, as have many people. I’m a political junkie. I sometimes pay too much attention to it. I have to reign myself in to not talk about it. I don’t want to be that guy. I even get hooked into a Facebook debate now […]

Trump’s America and the Art of Outrage

So, here we are… It’s 2016, and we are officially in the midst of the World’s Greatest Sh*t Show. Just when you thought we couldn’t get more ass-backwards, just when you thought we couldn’t be more divided… the ‘Outrage Pimps’ of America have fecalized us, and we all have our hands in the air as […]