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Fix Sh*t and Hug Someone

It looks as though this most recent tragedy to befall our nation, the anti-gay radical Islamic terror attack in Orlando, could be heading in the direction of our other recent mass-shootings. People are assuming their ‘internet personalities’ that they often allow to take over, and shouting over each other on social media to let people […]

It Should Matter

I’ve been having a really effing difficult time with this election cycle, as have many people. I’m a political junkie. I sometimes pay too much attention to it. I have to reign myself in to not talk about it. I don’t want to be that guy. I even get hooked into a Facebook debate now […]

Trump’s America and the Art of Outrage

So, here we are… It’s 2016, and we are officially in the midst of the World’s Greatest Sh*t Show. Just when you thought we couldn’t get more ass-backwards, just when you thought we couldn’t be more divided… the ‘Outrage Pimps’ of America have fecalized us, and we all have our hands in the air as […]

Thought Free Zones

It seems as though this most recent mass shooting is having a bit more staying power than the last couple of hundred. Sure, it’s fading out, but it gives me a little bit of hope that the conversation may grow over the next couple of hundred mass shootings. We may actually do something about it […]

The Popular Anger Society

A mass shooting is driving a wedge through our political culture yet again. This is a problem other developed countries don’t seem to face on anywhere near the scale that we do in the United States. The United States… That name seems a bit ironic these days. Why is it that we are incapable of […]

Hate Thy Immigrant Neighbor

There were a couple of pictures this week that really got to me… really made me question the dark side of humanity and civilization. This was the one that got me the most, though. I have four kids. I can’t fathom the depths of the pain achieved from seeing the lifeless body of your child […]

Everyone is a Political Genius on Facebook

I really don’t want to talk about politics anymore. Especially on Facebook, where everyone is an amazing scholar that does countless hours of research before posting such educated items as ‘Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood because he’s secretly a Muslim’, or ‘George W. Bush should be in prison because he’s a war criminal’. Right now, […]

Honey Boo Boo and the Fall of America

My deep disdain for reality television has been no secret. Hell, my second novel, The Candidates, trashed it pretty heavily. I feel very strongly that it is very representative and all-encompassing of everything that is wrong with America. The list of reasons why would fill up the seemingly endless internet. But let’s talk about a […]

I’m Not Freaking Out.

I know that there are many things out there that we should be really damn concerned about… like the environment. Sure, there are plenty of brainwashed, unqualified idiots out there that don’t think there’s such a thing as ‘climate change’… or if they think there is, then they don’t think that man plays any role […]

Relax. Everything is Normal.

As usual, the news is driving me absolutely f**king┬ácrazy again. I mourn common sense, and all that passed quietly with it. Let’s examine a few current topics that might benefit from a healthy dose of ‘no shit’ in their diets: Ebola. Ebola sucks, obviously. I have no first-hand knowledge of it, nor do I wish […]