Everyone is a Political Genius on Facebook


I really don’t want to talk about politics anymore. Especially on Facebook, where everyone is an amazing scholar that does countless hours of research before posting such educated items as ‘Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood because he’s secretly a Muslim’, or ‘George W. Bush should be in prison because he’s a war criminal’. Right now, after reading that, an alarming number of you are agreeing with one or the other.

Does anyone know what a socialist really is? Because, well… we have had elements of ‘socialism’ in our country for many years, whether it be in our healthcare system, our welfare system, or our system of corporate bailouts. Both parties have had heavy hands in all of this ‘socialism’, and neither party offers anything other than rhetoric when it comes to ending any of it, specifically because it would be impossible. President GW Bush is a war criminal? I don’t agree with the way he handled his role as Commander in Chief with the military, but at the end of the day, Obama has been no different…

President Obama, a guy I didn’t vote for, railed against ‘executive orders’ as a senator when GW Bush was passing them all the time. Now, the tables are turned, and Obama is pushing them through… If it’s wrong for one party, then why in the hell is it okay for another? This is exactly why both parties suck. It’s also why those of you that continue to post why your party is awesome and the other is awful are so hopelessly misguided. You perpetuate the messages of these ineffective crybabies running our country that have every opportunity to fix problems, yet make the conscious decision not to, and then point fingers at the other as an excuse for them being ineffective at their own jobs.

At least someone is doing something about immigration, even if it’s a guy I didn’t vote for. How can the other side bitch when they’ve had infinite opportunities over many years to fix it? Why has no one fixed it yet? Right… it’s the other party’s fault.

It looks as if our past few Presidents, however misguided in some areas, are the only ones with the balls to take on major issues… because both houses of congress, no matter who is in charge, are too busy serving themselves in re-election campaigns about hope and fear, while addressing no issues that give hope or cause fear. Neither Nancy Pelosi nor Mitch McConnell have ever done anything effectively other than giving themselves job security by selling us all on BS that we barf all over our Facebook feeds without the least bit of fact-checking or research to see if the folks we’re rooting for have done exactly what we’re rooting against. Both parties practice ‘socialism’, both ignore our wounded soldiers, both serve only the interests that helped elect them.

So go on and tell me how I’m wrong and how Obama is an America-hating Muslim with no respect for our military, because he saluted a soldier while holding a cup of coffee. Just try not to remember Bush saluting a soldier while holding a dog. Or, tell me about Hillary and Benghazi, but ignore the 16 attacks on embassies resulting in 60 deaths under GW Bush. Conversely, tell me about how Bush was a lying when he pushed the Patriot Act through, but try to forget that Obama was lying when he pushed the Affordable Care Act through. Or tell me about how Nancy Pelosi is a champion of women’s rights, but forget about how she blocked Rep. Tammy Duckworth from being allowed a ‘proxy vote’ because she was too pregnant to fly (and just happened to have conflicting views on Pelosi’s interests).

So, both parties are fiscally irresponsible to an alarming degree, regardless of what they’ve led you to believe. Just look at history and stop listening to promises. Both parties are into building a military empire that rules the world (go ahead and tell me how the Democrats want to cut the military budget, then look at how it’s several times larger than the next few countries combined, and add in that we’re building unnecessary military vehicles to fulfill special interests and have almost zero oversight… yeah, we can cut it, but only if we’re actually fiscally responsible). And immigration? The bill Obama wants to push through was actually a bi-partisan bill, signed off on by folks like Sen. John McCain. The problem is that both sides want full credit for it (or something very damn similar) in order to get the hispanic vote. Every other argument is bullshit. Like everything else, it will be padded with billions of dollars in payoffs through earmarks, but it’s ultimately necessary. Just like Obamacare, something I can’t stand, it’s far from perfect… but somebody had to do something.

As much as I may rail against both Obama and GW Bush at times, they appear to be the only recent politicians with balls. They used the hell out of Executive Orders to get shit done. Why? Because they’re dictators? No, because everyone else in government just sits around at fundraisers or in front of news cameras and bitches, and they leave it to you, my Facebook friends, to regurgitate their twisted and wrong messages and talking points with the passion of a preacher (who hasn’t actually read the Bible).

If you ever wonder why both parties are stuck on social issues now, it’s because that’s all they have to differentiate themselves.

Tell me again how I’m throwing away my vote on a third party. Tell me again how awesome your party is. Just make sure you fact-check it first.

(and speaking of fact-checking, here’s a neat-o guide to the number of times each President has issued Executive Orders: http://www.cbs2iowa.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/how-common-executive-orders-32004.shtml)

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